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with the two plug-ins you've tried (repeater and jump to time), i think it is more confusion over what they do than them not actually working. or are you saying you've changed the skip value for the rewind &/or fast-forward actions via the repeater plug-ins configuration and it's still doing a 5second jump?

the one that Aminifu suggested (repeater) is the nearest going in that it should be allowing you to at least set the fast forward or rewind time to be less than the default 5 second value. so the thinking of the suggestion i believe is that even though it won't auto-jump back x seconds, it will at least allow you to go back a smaller time scale than is currently available.

as for hotkeys, there are the 'Playback: Forward' and 'Playback: Rewind' global hotkeys which can be used which would also use the changed values from the Repeater plug-in.

otherwise, there is nothing direct which will do what you want without someone having to do some coding for it to happen.

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