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Originally Posted by GenesisAria View Post
Maiko didn't work, and it caused other issues with my audio until i closed everything off and worked from the bottom up. (it cut out audio in other applications, and still had the cpu issue)
Sorry Maiko did not help. I suggested it because it's exclusive mode cuts off audio from everything else and can send the Winamp decoded source data direct to the sound device driver, as described in the links. It's shared mode allows audio from everything, but it also sends the source sound data to Windows for further processing before it is output to the sound device driver. My hope was that the exclusive mode's direct transfer would reduce the CPU usage.

I notice from your One for Nunz report in your 1st post that the Windows 7 service pack may not be installed. It may make no difference, but its usually a good idea to keep the OS updated with any service packs and the recommended (and any applicable optional) monthly updates. I don't remember if the service pack has updates for the OS sound subsystem. You can check on the Microsoft website.

In any event, I hope you find a solution.

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