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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
BP, you don't look at app options much do you? Just install and go with what you're given? Not a criticism, just an observation. On the other hand, messing with options without understanding the results can 'screw the pooche'.
I change the settings I need to. Generally following the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule. I also don't tend to sit here and tell people about every tweak I perform as it is usually not relevant (and I don't have the spare time).

Almost every program I load up, I start with looking around the menus and options. Getting aware of what can be changed if I need to. With something like VLC that "just works" I have found very little need for tinkering.

You then give a good example as to how a "tweak too far" can break things. The default setup of Winamp plays webm files perfectly (when there is an audio track). Yet you had managed to tweak that feature to death by redirecting the output to different speakers.

I don't use fancy output plugins to work with my speakers. The Yamaha 2.1 set on my desk looks after its own subwoofer. With my main HiFi audio is passed to the amp via HDMI to split to the 5.1 naturally. If I want to run stereo or mono output across all 5.1 speakers then I let the amp do that with its own built in features. When I watch a video file with a 5.1 soundtrack I'll use MPC with various tweaks.

Everyone has different ways of doing things. Just because I don't change the same options that you do does not mean I ignore the settings. It would also be very difficult to help anyone on this forum if I was not aware of the preferences available within Winamp.
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