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avs troubleshooting

Originally Posted by WindowsNT View Post
I'm a DSP developer and I found the source of the AVS dll. I wonder If there's documentation about how can it be hosted in another application (not winamp).
I checked the source code and I saw the winampVisGetHeader() I must call, and more stuff. I suppose I would go through this through trial and error, but I 'd like a more practical documentation so I could use the DLL myself.
They are searched professional programmers for participation in nonprofit art-project of interactive visualizations (no marker seizure) of the moving (motion detection for live video) and musics (audio detection for live sound). The Technical requirement: Design software AVSMmP (AVS Multimedia Player) or plug-in, similarly existing plug-in [vis_avs.dll] of visualizations studio AVS WinAMP (Advanced Visualisation Studio by Nullsoft). Player\plagin must support the active AVS code and all types of already existing avs-preset, but must have herewith advanced user interface, new function on preset processing, new possibilities "alive" sound detection since mike and "alive" video detection since web-cameras. For player advisable cross-platform provision, and for plagin desirably ensuring to compatibility with different player. For base of application is offered AVS Nullsoft programme code (source code).


Sound and Visualization management are on different consoles.
The interface compatibility is not provided.
M3U and APL playlists Synchronization is not possible.
Start the avs-file from Windows Explorer is impossible.
Presets in Explorer are not visually represented.
Open the presets from the visualization studio window very difficult.
Presets sort in directories is not possible.
When you configure the "Presets/Hotkeys: Preset (sub) directory", folders are not sorted by the tree.
By default "Vertical screen height to render (percent): 80%" nothing is not conditioned.
By default "Fullscreen Settings: Fullscreen video mode" is not optimized.
Many of the video mode become unstable or lead to system failures.
Switching on the second monitor is not provided.
Screen saver and screen blanking not blocked.
Even "empty" presets, providing fps<60, give almost 100% CPU utilization.
Refresh rate more 30 fps, in principle, does not make sense for visual perception.
Presets editing is difficult, the editor font is very small, the size of the windows are not regulated.
On the start editing effects, all Effect list are open, which is inconvenient for the review.
Key "del" in the effects editing are not involved.
When you insert a Effect list, options Clear and Blending is not preinstalled.
Rollback is only valid with restrictions.
Autosave is not provided.
Can only be one and only one-dimensional array.
Characters positioning in the Text output effect is not programmed.
Text moving via Dynamic Movement gives a greater load on the processor.
Work with web-cam is not provided.
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