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Hi Anders, thanks for the quick reply. The approach seems to work, except a single System.dll is still being copied into the system temp directory, in a separate directory created (I assume by InitPluginsDir); System.dll is also extracted to the custom temp directory. I assume by solid/non-solid, you mean the compression method? In either case, it didn't seem to affect the outcome. The choice of temp directory is configurable, so we read it in using {$GetParameters} and {$GetOptions} first, thus UnsafeStrCpy isn't the first command being executed (but certainly comes shortly after we retrieve the custom temp directory). Could there be a race condition with InitPluginsDir? I assume if it works correctly, InitPluginsDir should create the temp plugins directory in the custom temp directory specified.

I did try your v2 hack, but this did not seem to change the temp dir behaviour of nsDialog and MUI. I'm not certain I understand the purpose of the second part of the hack ("Find the offset with:").
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