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Overlay Text on a button with an image


I'm trying to overlay text on top of a button which I've applied an image to, but the text on the button gets pushed to the far right of the button instead of the middle.

Any ideas how I can get text to appear in the center of a button which has an image applied to it?

This is what I'm doing to draw an image to a button: (I've tried all manor of things to move the text but nothing)

; Create an image.
GetDlgItem $Button $HWNDPARENT 1
Pop $Button
System::Call `user32::LoadImage(i 0, t "$PLUGINSDIR\button.bmp", i ${IMAGE_BITMAP}, i 0, i 0, i ${LR_CREATEDIBSECTION}|${LR_LOADFROMFILE}) i.s`
pop $Image

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