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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
For me it was some DSP, output and visualizer plug-ins released before Windows 7 was released that still didn't work after changing where Winamp was installed. I was lucky in getting their developers to make updates for some or found replacements for the features that were provided by others.
My main reason to use Winamp is playing sound formats already supported or putting in plugins of other formats and playing those. So I guess it would have no affect on me.

Though let's face it, 95% of the reason we use Winamp today is nostalgia and homage to what it once represented. VLC is really an awesome all round media player that plays most any format (movie or audio). It is what I primarily use to play movies. People under 35 today have no idea what Winamp is.

Heartbreaking to say it but it has gone the way of the fax machine in terms of relevancy.
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