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Originally Posted by Class316 View Post
Though let's face it, 95% of the reason we use Winamp today is nostalgia and homage to what it once represented.
While I don't disagree with that statement, Winamp still has the most customization options (via plug-ins) available today. I've mostly moved on to WACUP (based on Winamp v.5666.3516) which is being actively developed and has added new features that reduce the relevancy gap.

The WACUP developer is willing to try to update or rewrite Winamp plug-ins that don't work well with WACUP, when possible. He has already done this for 6 of the plug-ins I use with Winamp.

I know that many people (young and old) don't like fooling around with an app's default configuration. If it doesn't meet their needs "out-of-the-box", they move on to something else. I like to adjust an app's defaults to better suit my needs, whenever possible.

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