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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
While I don't disagree with that statement, Winamp still has the most customization options (via plug-ins) available today. I've mostly moved on to WACUP (based on Winamp v.5666.3516) which is being actively developed.
It is true. The plugin system of Winamp is truly quite the art to say the least.

I'm using version 5.8 that's on the main page and it's working great for me on windows 10 Even though I hardly use it in this day and age. I honestly play more music on youtube than on my PC.

Though I'm getting a new disc drive in the mail soon that I will plug into my PC. I have too many music CDs, DVDs, and blu rays not to have one handy. I even got a couple of UHDs and the drive I got is "UHD friendly". Plus I want to get rid of my old burnt CDs and DVDs and copy the contents over to an external drive.

Maybe I'll even op in an audio CD and play it on Winamp for nostalgia if nothing else.

Though I must say,15 years ago never in my wildest dreams I would have imagined using an optical disc drive would one day be so archaic. A generation is going to grow up with no idea that discs were once a thing.
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