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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Oh, so true! Technology marches on.

I'm 69. Do you know or remember why the OS starts labeling hard drives with the letter "C"? I still have some of those things (in an old dusty box in the garage) that went into those "A" and "B" drives (1st and 2nd generations).
I'm younger but I'm an Xennial so I do remember old technology well. Aren't they C drives because A was the 3.5" disk and B was the 5.25" floppy disk?

For years I had been using my cell phone (fantasy devices when I was a kid) only for phone calls, but last year I finally got a smart phone and now use my cell phone for so much more. So you can teach some old dogs new tricks.
Welcome to 2009-2010.
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