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Originally Posted by NJK View Post
How modern, my first PC was running on PCM and the second one was running on DOS.
I guess technically I had an Atari 800XL before that. But in terms of PC that was my first.

the third one was my first windows system. Installing 3 discs Dos and than 22 or 26 discs of windows only to find out that at disc 20 it gave me an error and i had to do it over again.

you can't imagine how glad i was when i got a 1 speed CD Rom player that was connected to my soundcard and after installing the DOS discs and the soundcard Disc i could use a CD rom to install the windows......
I feel you pain. Man how dinosaur all that sounds compared to today when you can just click and in a few seconds you have a CD sized download on your hard drive.

I actually installed DOS 6.22 via disk images and Windows 3.1 via CD iso on PC Em just to bring back some memories.

What version of Windows had so many discs? Must have been Windows 95? I can't recall if I first installed mine on disk or CD. I think CD.
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