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the AVS evaluator compiles your code to machine code and stores it for execution
knowing that, it should be clear that it's actually the other way round:
that + sign generates an ADD instruction, while the execs are just another way to write semicolon separated assign()s. they are not "calculated"
you can also test it:
make a new .avs, add a SSC, write some code in it, look at the Eval code stats in the debug window.
it says xxxx+xxx bytes code
next, copy your code to AVSTrans and let it translate it into execs.
replace the SSC code with these execs and look at the Eval code stats in the debug window again:
no change
still the same code length, and thus the same execution speed

now try the same with the assign+assign method and you should notice an increase in the code length, which is caused by the ADD instructions i mentioned above.

and about translating your code manually: you did probably not read the whole thread as i posted a quite complex example (raytracing with some if blocks to increase speed) try that manually if you do this without errors, you're a genius
the code will probably be erronous because you forgot a bracket, comma or the likes somewhere
the example is here.
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