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Hi DJ Egg,

Took me a while to find this "official"ish thread of SHOUTcast directory bugs. There is still an issue with Hip-Hop listings.

I am almost 100% sure it must be in the server-side scripting of perhaps a typo or similar because I have tried numerous times with strings like "Hip Hop", "HipHop", "Hip-Hop" and even "Hip%20Hop" if it wasn't parsing properly. Nothing seems to resolve it.

I can only assume that the script has a typo for the genre or otherwise because if I search for my station name it comes up and if you search for the string "Hip Hop" it shows.

Link to Hip-Hop listings via menu:

Hope they can fix it soon as it has been like this ever since these issues started cropping up which was a few months back.



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