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ok weirdness

usually i dont have anything to post in here. for the most part i never have problems with winamp, well like mabe two times now, but this was odd. really odd, its been a strange week on the internet, lots of bizzar stuff with programs, and sites and just madness.

on the off chance i missed something when i got the error message that there was no sound card detected i decided to reboot my machine, and it fixed itself. i dont know what that was about but i think it wasnt a winamp issue at all, and that mabe it may have been a bug, of some sort. because of all the other weirdness this past week. notice the time frame on the 25th.

my system rebooted, my settings picked, and everything fixed etc. so i cant really say why i got the error message, or why the settings were changed in winamp, yeah thats another weird thing, i never go into settings, all my settings are default for the most part. so seeing some cracky setting in the audio out was a red flag for me. i switched it back, and reset everything then rebooted my computer, and again its fixed now.

i dunno, its a bugger out here for sure, thanks for the reply the best as always but you may want to um check things at your end, just incase you know, because there was so much weirdness this week. im just sayin, hey. by now, good day to you sir and much love for the winamp pplz.
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