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Sorry that you don't see "Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder" but if you had have mentioned that you were using the French language pack I might have been able to tell you to look for "Décodeur audio MPEG Nullsoft 4.1 [in_mp3.dll]"

Are you certain that the files you are having problems with are MP3 files? If they are actually MPEG-4 audio files, try removing you third-party " MPEG-4 General Audio player: 2.0 compiled on Feb 8 2004 [in_mp4.dll]" plugin and replace it with the Nullsoft one. Run the installer again and make sure you select MP4 support on the component options page.

If you right click on one of the problem files and select view file info (Alt + 3) do the tags appear correctly in the new window? How are you so certain that the tags are fine, are you checking them with another program?

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