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The Teleconference is an Mp3 file you can Download in which there was a conversation all about AAC+. And as far as broadcastimg software you will see NextKast on their site. Why do you care about a soon to be defunct DSP anyway just think its odd.

The reason I made it clear they didnt invent Icecast was that surely AOL would try and somehow twist things. Look I am not the bad guy here. Sorry the ship your defending is like the Titanic. No need to worry if one likes the older DSP which is all over the net. we all need to know all options now that Winamp and Shoutcast is fading. For a Real broadcaster dedicated Broadcast software is the way to go. At the end of it all when Shoutcast and Winamp dies the developers will move to greener pastures just like many other projects not looking bact to Shoutcast.

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