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yet i actually believe in the authhash system as it provides a fixed reference point which then means v2 based listings are stable and not flakey like anything coming from a v1.x DNAS.

as all of the YP issues relate to v1.x based listings and trying to ensure they maintain the stationid, etc when there's no fixed point of reference which is the reason for the authhash system.

and things were changed to all be in-DNAS so people didn't have to go through the mess of signing up for things which they repeatedly said they didn't want to do when the authhash system was first implemented (some did, but the majority didn't and so that's what happened).

the issue was more that the first iteration of the in-DNAS implementation wasn't as solid as it should have been and i wasn't able to fix it quickly enough before being moved onto other projects (though the v2.2 appears to have resolved those problems for the main part i.e. it'll auto-generate and is more v1.x like).

and lets clarify something else, it is _only_ sc_trans which requires a paid license and that is purely to handle MP3 encoding, the DNAS does not need that and bar any YP specific aspects, like all of the DNAS releases, if you set it to be private, it's off the grid and will just run irrespective of the rumours that are being floating around.

and the removal of the MP3 unlock buying access should not have happened and is meant to be being restored.

and if you have a license already, then it will work and will always work as long as it's in the config file as there is _no_ server-side look up, hence it being able to be run happily on a LAN only setup.
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