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Sorry for delay I had a night shift

I have nothing but respect for you Tag and don't want to come across as attacking your ideas, I just want to point out a few minor caveats.

Patching binaries may work out for the hardcore shoutcaster but for the majority of shoutcasters adding yet another layer of complexity to their experience will lead to an uphill struggle for them.

Then a seperate solution presents itself, distribution of pre-patched binary files.
We have now entered the magical world of warez and all its legal and logistical issues.
What reputable business owner (streamhost or broadcaster) is going supply a service based on patched binaries or warez ?.

IF microsoft buys nullsoft and its tech, It may just be absorbed into some
patent portfolio and never seen again.

Damb, I am neurotic.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

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