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Originally posted by Akiboshi
I'm having trouble mixing the music with the voice on my computer.

I have a USB Microphone and it's listed as "USB Audio Device" in my Audio Properties > Audio Tab > Recording Devices. Since my microphone isn't connected to my sound card in any way I can't select "SB Live! Wave Device" under the recording devices and use the microphone at the same time. The problem is that the Mixer device for the "USB Audio Device" only has 1 voluem setting, Wave In.

I've checked the Options > Properties to see if there were some unchecked settings but found nothing.

Without the other settings all people hear when I use my microphone is my voice and no music at all. Any suggestions? or perhaps there is a way to mix your voice with the music within Winamp using a plugin? Thanks.
I have the same problem, my Mic Input is set at "Microphone", everything seems perfect, I can't hear my mic until I press the "push to talk" BUT, my listeners, are only hearing what's coming from my mic. They don't get to listen to the music.

I did a test, and tried to try talking on my shoutcast without perssing the Push to Talk, and I can only hear my mic input (ie. my keyboard typing blah blah) and, I can hear myself too.

Can anyone help?
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