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can remove directory from batch file
but do can do it with nsis?

BatchFile Remove folder AAA From Host
HTML Code:
@echo off
echo FTPUSERNAME> DeleteDirectory.txt
echo FTPPASSWORD>> DeleteDirectory.txt
echo CD AAA>>DeleteDirectory.txt
echo prompt>>DeleteDirectory.txt
echo mdelete *>>DeleteDirectory.txt
echo cd ..>>DeleteDirectory.txt
echo RMdir AAA>>DeleteDirectory.txt
echo disconnect>>DeleteDirectory.txt
echo quit>>DeleteDirectory.txt
ftp -s:DeleteDirectory.txt FTPADDRESS
del DeleteDirectory.txt


HTML Code:
@echo off 
echo open FTPADDRESS> DeleteDirectory2.txt
echo FTPUSERNAME>> DeleteDirectory2.txt
echo FTPPASSWORD>> DeleteDirectory2.txt
echo CD AAA>>DeleteDirectory2.txt
echo prompt>>DeleteDirectory2.txt
echo mdelete *>>DeleteDirectory2.txt
echo cd ..>>DeleteDirectory2.txt
echo RMDIR AAA>>DeleteDirectory2.txt
echo disconnect>>DeleteDirectory2.txt
echo quit>>DeleteDirectory2.txt
ftp -s:DeleteDirectory2.txt
del DeleteDirectory2.txt

i need a way for delete folder [Directory] with nsis
There is a plugin to do this?
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