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I still did not find a method in nsis
except call to CMD!
1-is not possible upgrade inetc:: Plugin for Create Directory and Delete Directory in FTP?

2-Also is possible About inetc:: errors explain?
When do they happen I encountered some of them But I do not know what time Other items are displayed!

HTML Code:
TEXT("Connecting"), //TEXT("Opening URL"))
TEXT("Reconnect Pause")
TEXT("Dialog Error")
TEXT("Open Internet Error")
TEXT("Open URL Error")
TEXT("Transfer Error")
TEXT("File Open Error")
TEXT("File Write Error")
TEXT("File Read Error")
TEXT("Reget Error")
TEXT("Connection Error")
TEXT("OpenRequest Error")
TEXT("SendRequest Error")
TEXT("URL Parts Error")
TEXT("File Not Found (404)")
TEXT("CreateThread Error")
TEXT("Proxy Error (407)"),
TEXT("Access Forbidden (403)")
TEXT("Not Allowed (405)")
TEXT("Request Error")
TEXT("Server Error")
TEXT("Unauthorized (401)")
TEXT("FtpCreateDir failed (550)")
TEXT("Error FTP path (550)")
TEXT("Not Modified"),
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