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WAV-based Bug Report

Bug: WinAmp 5.24 cannot play WAVs (and possibly other file formats, but WAVs are the only ones I've come across) that are extremely small in length (less than a second of straight sound).

Reproduction: The WAVs below (three zipped into one file; each one less than 20K in size) would not play under any circumstances for me; I would press 'play' after loading it into WinAMP and no sound would come through, either on auto-starting by double-clicking the file, pressing play after the file was loaded, or using the 'open file' option in WinAMP itself. Loading the same files into Media Player allowed them to be heard just fine, both in the original 'play with...' and in just pressing 'play'.

Specs are Dell Dim2350 with 128M RAM
Windows XP wi. SP1 (need to get 2 one of these days)
Clean install of WinAMP 5.24 done very recently (with total erasure of old files and plugins), and no plugins which did not come with the install (except for the fixed MIDI plugin)
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