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Using Winamp with Bluetooth Commands right?


I've got a question. I bought the "plantronics backbeats 903+" and an Bluetooth 3.0 HS chipset for my laptop. finally it works - BUT the headset commands aren't working as they should.

1. I want to use winamp with my bluetooth headset, but when I use the play/pause button, the windows media player is always started. How can I make it work, that the winamp player is the onliest one who responds on my bluetooth headset??

2. When I use the play/pause button on my bluetooth headset, the winamp player only gets mute. It doesn't pause really it just kills the sound. btw: same symptome on the vlc player. only the windows media player responds how it should on pause.

Btw: The louder/lower- & next/last- buttons work on all media players great...

THX for your anwers!
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