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Ok, I've managed to reproduce 1 & 2. Thanks =)

I was a bit confused by your terminology at first.

1. Classic skin, any vis plugin.
Make sure "disable built-in vis when vis plugin active" is unchecked in: Prefs > Plugins.
Make sure spectrum analyzer is on.
Normal window mode, double click in spectrum area to start vis plugin.
Note how everything is ok (vis plugin window opens, spectrum is still running).

Close vis plugin window.
Switch main window to windowshade mode,
and now double click in spectrum area.
Note how spectrum analyzer is now OFF.

2. Milkdrop related bug (doesn't occur if AVS is active plugin)

Classic skin
Enable 'always on top'
Start Milkdrop.
Go fullscreen, escape from fullscreen.
'always on top' is still checkmarked, but no longer active.

Modern skin.
Same procedure
except 'always on top' is no longer checkmarked.

Re: #3 (#4 in original report)
Still can't understand/reproduce.
Please provide system specs (mobo, cpu, ram, graphics), internet connection type, Windows OS & IE version etc, and confirmation of no 3rd-party plugins.
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