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Media Library Artist bug

Just noticed this today with 5.01, saw there's a 5.02 version now, but still applies:

when there are some tagged files in the ML with the artist field containing parens, those files are not grouped as being the same artist.
Example: I got some albums by "The (International) Noise Conspiracy" and in the artist list, every track of them results in a new entry with track and album count being 1. When selecting one of them, however all tracks by the band appear in the track list as they should.
As soon as the files are retagged w/o parens in the artist name, all is well.
FWIW, I'm talking MP3 files with only ID3v2 tags.

CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2400+
Sound: on-board (nForce2)
Gfx: nVidia TNT2 M64
OS: Windows XP SP 1 + some hotfixes
DirectX: 9.0b
Winamp: 5.02
Media Library v2.02
no 3rd party plugins or skins
using default Modern Skin

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From the Known Bugs sticky thread

-Issues with "apostrophes" and (brackets) in library metadata [info]

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