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focus main windows for scrolling volume

this problem has been mentioned before, but on the Wishlist Forum. That's why I quote it here.
It was mentioned by pellewalter ('focus problem'):
"A quick way to adjust the sound volume is to click on the main window with the mouse wheel (so that the main window gains focus) and then scroll the mouse wheel to adjust the volume. I used to use it all of the time, but i discovered that it didn't work with winamp 5.x if you are using modern skins. You have to click with the left mouse button in the main window instead. That's not so good because sometimes you accidently click on a button in the main window. It works to shift focus between the media library and playlist with the mouse wheel / middle mouse button. And it works with all windows if you use a classic skin."

Still doesn't work in 5.02...
Hope you can fix it.

By the way: I also experienced the slow response when doubleclicking a view in the media library with a lot of items in it. Hope you can fix that too.

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