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underruns of accelerated wma-files

System: Barton 2500+ (@3200+ [11*200]),
MB - EPoX 8RDA+ (nForce 2)
ATi Radeon 9700,
Sound - built-in AC-97 (audiodriver version 3.66),
2*256MB RAM,
WINXP sp1+antilovesan patch,
DirectX 9.0b

Winamp 5.02 free
Plugins in question: Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP v0.36 and/or Microsoft Winamp/WMA plugin 1.13

When applying postprocessing of approximately 1.2x speed increase with [justin - simple pitch and tempo (half-2x) control.sps] preset (it sounds really cool) two things were noticed:

a) for *.wav files time and seeker bar don't adapt correctly, they probably think it's still 1x and 2:45 song ends with "2:18" on timer with seeker bar late too (not too critical bug i think)

b) for *.wma files ~1 minute of normal funky songplaying is followed by severe underruns. Should i pause the song and wait a while then after unpausing for ~ another minute there are no underruns.
(i guess something's wrong with Input: [Microsoft Winamp/WMA plugin 1.13] because everything else: *.xm, *.it, *.mod, *.mp3 runs fine, that's actually why i think it's not my audiocard problem)

Winamp 5.01 (NSPS DSP v0.35) behaved identically.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]

in_wm.dll bypasses Winamp's output system (hard-coded to use system waveOut, due to Microsoft licensing restrictions). See here for further info.


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