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small Installer-Bug


i've found some bugs in winamp's installer

the first is here, there is written an nameless entry in installer.ini

Winamp Agent=0
Winamp Media Library=1
SHOUTcast Wire=0
Online Media=0
Predixis MusicMagic=0
iPod support=0
Creative Labs support=0
Microsoft Plays for Sure support=0
Modern Skin Support=1
Global Hotkey Support=0
Extended Jump To File Support=0
Nullsoft Tray Control=0
Windows Media Audio (WMA)=1
OGG Vorbis Playback=1
AAC/aacPlus encoding=1
MP3 encoding=1
MP4 support=1
WMA encoding=1
CD playback and extraction=1
Sonic Ripping/Burning support=1
CDDB for recognizing CDs=1
Windows Media Video (WMV, ASF)=1
Nullsoft Video (NSV)=1
Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen=1
Advanced Visualization Studio=1
Signal Processor Studio Plug-in=1
Support for writing WAV files=1
Line Input Support=1
DirectSound output support=1
Start Menu Group=1
Desktop Icon=0
Quicklaunch Icon=0
System Tray Icon / Agent=0
Associate with audio files=1
Associate with video files=1
Associate with audio CDs=1
Associate with playlist files (*.m3u,*.pls)=1
the seconde one:
if i use the silent switch "/S", the installer doesn't use the install.ini and don't load the configs for language and skin through winamp.ini.

best regards
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