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Re: aacPlus streamed static file seek no longer works in 5.2

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Just did a nuke/clean install and it's working fine now. From what I can tell, the upgrades from 5.0 --> 5.1 --> 5.13 --> 5.2 ended up breaking it. I had no custom anything installed so it must have been some leftover plugin.

Happens to me on all of my computers I've tested so far. The only thing I can think of is that I've upgraded several times and it's not a clean install.

I'll take one of my machines that's having the issue and try a clean install to narrow it down.


Originally posted by myphsto
Up until I just upgraded today to 5.2, I used to be able to seek with streamed static files both AAC, aacPlus and MP3 files.

AAC static streamed file (seek only works prior to 5.2):


MP3 static streamed file (seek works, always has)

Please can anyone else verify that this is true and is a bug? I've verified it myself on several different machines but I'd like to know if anyone else has run into it.

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Nope, can't reproduce this. Seeking streamed aac works fine here.
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