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You can thank the wonderful (not!) ad banner at the top for this.

Like me, you've probably got one or both of and remapped to localhost in your Hosts file, and/or listed in IE's Restricted Sites zone (eg. apps like Spybot SD and SpywareBlaster will add these known ad servers to the Restricted Sites zone).

The result is that you won't see the ads. However, because Winamp's online services uses an embedded IE window but, at the same time, doesn't recognize/use the IE Advanced setting to disable script debugging & not to display a notification about every script error, this then results in the script error popups that we're all seeing.

Yes, it sucks. But there's not much we can do about it at the moment :-(
(well, there is... but I would really get shot for it this time)


Update: You only need to have blocked to stop the ads. Blocking is what causes the script errors, so unblock that and everything should be ok (no ads, no script errors).
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