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Cool Winamp Skin Development Pack 1.14 [2013/12/17]


here is a must for all skin devs, and those who want to become a skin dev.
Winamp Skin Development Pack 1.14 [2013/12/17]
Designed for skinversion 1.34-1.36 / Winamp 5.54 - 5.666+

It features:
-maki compiler
-maki libs
-bento/wa modern scripts
-console file output
-editplus 2 maki syntax

Here are the updated pldir.mi and std.mi with changes for 5.52 final.
std.mi, pldir.mi
I am sorry that i cannot deliver a new installer. But as soon i have sorted some things out i will be able to update to 1.03 featuring the latest Bento script changes

If you have written a useful script or XUI object you can post it in this thread, and i will include it in WaSDP. Ofcourse I give you credit

-updated scripts for bento/wa modern from Winamp 5.63
-minor updates to lib\std.mi

-updated scripts for bento/wa modern from Winamp 5.63
-minor updates to lib\std.mi, lib\fileio.mi, lib\com\songinfo.m
- added the following in lib\std.mi
: extern System.onUrlChange(String url);
: extern AlbumArtLayer.isLoading();
: extern AlbumArtLayer.onAlbumArtLoaded(boolean success);
: extern GroupList.setRedraw(int redraw);
- changed the following in lib\fileio.mi
: XmlDoc.parser_onError(..) - due to some API changes filename and incpath will hold an empty string since winamp 5.56
- added fixes in lib\com\songinfo.m to cope with SHOUTcast v2 streams

-added colormgr.mi library
-added some useful functions i've written some time ago

-needed to rewrite it after i've lost the installer source

-updated for the upcoming Winamp version 5.51
-new/updated libs (Pldir.mi, Std.mi)
-included Edit Plus 2 Syntax for maki

-fixed typo in timecontrol.m
-added missing files
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