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Mmmmm! Sounds yummy, Widdy!

I personally tried something a little different this evening, and it was DELICIOUS!!!

I had some absolutely scrumptious Nutria, and I followed this Louisiana Nutria Recipe when preparing it.

In case you are not familiar with it and are wondering exactly what Nutria is, I'll just quote a bit here...
(USA Louisiana)

Nutria are large semi-aquatic rodents indigenous to South America... In the 1930's nutria were imported into Louisiana for the fur industry and were released, either intentionally or accidentally into the Louisiana coastal marshes. Nutria have caused extensive damage to Louisiana coastal wetlands due to their feeding activity. Due to this damage, officials in Louisiana are now promoting Nutria as a food source, even posting recipes.
This is a photo of a Nutria in a Louisiana marsh...

It may not look too palatable above, but (as indicated in the recipe I linked to), when you saddle 2 hind portions of its meat and when seasoned properly, and with the addition of the wine and water in the crock pot.... UMMMMM BOY!!!! YUMMY!!!

So I've now found that Nutria is Nutricious (as well as tasty!)

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