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I'm running into two problems with LockedList...

1. It can't seem to detect that the files I specified are in use.
I'm using:

LockedList::AddModule /NOUNLOAD "$SYSDIR\OurDLL.dll"

( I take it /NOUNLOAD is still required even in the new NSIS handling? )
But as far as the search is concerned, the file is not locked. Unlocker ( ) says otherwise.
Any tools out there that might help in identifying why LockedList doesn't see it while Unlocker does?
( I'd try whouses.exe as well, but I seem to be whouses.exe-less )

2. LockedList crashes after parsing two of such modules.
The search process reaches 93%, usually when it will display that it found no processes using the file(s), and simply crashes.

Stu - if you need a dump for #2 (oh boy, bad puns), just let me know.
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