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LockedList crashes when no files or modules are added

I just found that when running a setup that contains no LockedList::AddModule or LockedList::AddFile calls, and calls LockedList:: Dialog, it crashes with "An unhandles win32 exception" (the regular Windows segfault message).

My guess is that LockedList:: Dialog fails to check whether some variables normally set by AddFile or AddModule are set.

In most cases this is not a problem of course, as usually there will be files to check for, but in this case the NSI script is generated, and will contain LockedList:: Dialog regardless of whether any files were actually found during generation that causes AddFile or AddModule calls to be made.

I can (and probably will) change the generator to also add the LockedList:: Dialog only when needed, but it would probably be a good idea to also make LockedList:: Dialog perform the necessary checks to prevent it from crashing regardless.
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