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Originally Posted by smujohnson View Post
1: Create a folder with 101 subfolders. Sample batch file below will create 101 subfolders in whatever directory it's executed from.


FOR /L %%A IN (1, 1, 101) DO (

2: Press INS in Winamp to get the "Open Folder" dialog.

3: Select one of the 101 subfolders, ie, 6.

4: Press INS again, notice that it shows only "6" being a subfolder, the other 100 are gone.

5: Want the problem to "go away"? Delete any 1 of the subfolders to get the count back to 100.
this is controlled by the OS as all we're doing is calling SHBrowseForFolder and most of the functionality is OS controlled. as long as it's re-selecting the correct folder then that's about all Winamp can adjust. And i assume the OS isn't showing them all by default for a speed optimisation as clicking on the parent folder arrow will then show all of the sub-folders.

as such, it's not liked behaviour but is not technically a bug and isn't something Winamp can (or should) try to circumvent imho.
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