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Originally Posted by engineer101 View Post
Unfortunately, it does NOT work with the latest version of the source SHOUTcast DSP Plug-in 2.3.4 for Winamp (31st July 2014).
as already noted, it won't until we determine what is causing the Source DSP to drop the connection incorrectly (and it affects earlier versions of the Source DSP).

Originally Posted by engineer101 View Post
I have noted also that the streaming cuts off and is not smooth as normal @ 128kbps. The audio quality is not that good either.

Also the Advert: file is not triggering the commercials?
hopefully those issues should be resolved as part of some further software updates coming over the next month. though i'm not aware of audio being re-processed from what is received and that might be more down to what the source is providing than anything on our side. how are you playing the stream to make that observation ?
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