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Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
Too bad there's no usage statistics on how essential it is to winamp users as a whole. For me personally, in the past I usually de-selected it when installing winamp because I never really used JTF.

Though, most of the reason why I install it now is because "why not", but I doubt I really utilize it.
I got along fine for years without using JTFE. But it's many features are addictive, once you start using them.

Some are mostly cosmetic, like the support for icon packs (e.g.

Others increase Winamp's versatility, like the Queue and Queue Manager. These features allow files to be added, sorted, and played (inline or randomly) directly from the Queue.This enables playback from 2 places (the PE and the Queue). Options can be selected to automatically cause other actions once all the files in the Queue are played (such as replay, switch playback to the PE, shutdown Winamp, shutdown the computer, etc.).

Still others help make Winamp easier to use (less actions needed to get things done), like the Windows Explorer's context menu command "Enqueue & Play in Winamp" which lets selected files be added to the current active PE playlist (or Queue) and starts playback if a file is not already playing. Winamp's native Windows Explorer context menu commands "Enqueue in Winamp" just lets selected files be added to the end of the current active PE playlist and "Play in Winamp" will replace the files in the current active PE playlist with the selected files and start playback.

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