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Milkdrop supported by Poweramp

I use Poweramp for a long time and Max (developer) will release third version soon. Good new, Milkdrop will work in Poweramp.

I have approximately ten thousand milk. files. (only my own works, mash up and edited versions) I wanted to tried own works at poweramp but I did not have enough time. Finally, I tried and tested it today. (Copying files took a long time, so I copied only three thousand copies. I canceled the transaction afterwards.)

Unfortunately, I am complicated feeling right now because the vast majority of files were either not working or output incorrectly. So I got really nervous at first fortunately, I have observed similar problems in other people's works. The program is alpha version now may be it will be fixed.

Despite everything, I made a little video. I did all the operations like recording, video montage, just via the phone, so the quality is not good.
Video link:
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