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Hi Quixote,

I'm playing with similar things at the moment, but I haven't had much time to work on anything lately unfortunately. I have a couple of RGB LED lights of various types, but they are more on the DJ ("party", "disco", whatever they are billed as...) side. The crucial point here being that they can be interfaced, that is, they have DMX input and output. I use a USB DMX interface, and DMX plugins for Winamp do exist. Now this bit I haven't used first hand, but DMX-over-Ethernet is available [and potentially more efficient/easier to configure than traditional DMX], and I think it is reasonable to assume that once it's at the Ethernet stage, it would be trivial to make it Wi-Fi. From there, I guess it depends on the bulbs you have and how they are controlled.

If any of this would be helpful in solving the problem then let me know and I'll get some more info / links to you.

I realise I haven't answered directly your question about extracting values from Milkdrop. Unfortunately that side of things is a bit further down on my list. Perhaps I should ask just in case - have you done any kind of interfacing between Winamp/MD and those lights (or anything else)? I'd be interested to hear about it if so. There's every chance you're far more advanced than I am here

Can I ask how those bulbs are currently controlled by you over the network?

Hopefully someone else can assist in anything related to programmatically retrieving the colour (or whatever data it may be) from Milkdrop.

(Also - I just googled the bulbs that you mentioned, and it just so happens that a similar Wi-Fi/RGB/etc bulb was given to me recently! So I may investigate that, too. It didn't even cross my mind before I saw this post.)
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