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Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I haven't gained any traction on this project. I'm not really a programmer and I was hoping for a cut-and-paste kind of solution.

The LIFX bulbs have an API available to the public and many people have created programs, scripts and Android apps that work with them. I currently control them using plugins and scripts on a Vera Plus automation system. I also use my Android phone.

The bulbs are normally quite responsive and I'd imagine it would be pretty trivial for a skilled programmer to whip something up once it's determined how to grab color values from the Milkdrop plugin. Additionally, the development team has recently released a new feature for the LAN API called "Waveforms", which they say "allow fine control over transitions between colors on your LIFX devices and are supported on all our devices." Sounds like it would be perfect for this sort of project.
The announcement and a link to the primer on Waveforms can be found here:

If you have a couple of extra bucks, I'd recommend picking up a few of these bulbs. They are bright and the colors are exceptionally vivid. The quality of the hardware is apparent.

Please let me know if you have any revelations.
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