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Winamp no longer automatically handling file type changes in playlist

Hi, I am running windows 10. Recently Winamp seems to mute when playing different file types, such as going from FLAC to mp3. Clicking the volume slider in Winamp gets the sound playing again. While it is silent the frequency indicator bars are indicating sound and the counter is tickig up the seconds. I have a mix of file types - mostly mp3,FLAC and m4a. I tried upgrading from Winamp 5.666 to 5.8 but the problem persists. I output the sound to a USB DAC - originally vis Maiko WASAPI and now via the Winamp equivalent in 5.8. I get automatic windows updates, so possibly this is part of the problem. Please can you help!! Have been using Winamp in this way for 12 years and love it!
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