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Weird characters for Song titles in Taskbar

Please check the above image - Its kinda self explanatory.
This error/bug occurs after sometime of playback. It can occur from just playing songs or even online streams from shoutcast or podcasts from the podcast subscription service.

I have been unable to identify when this change occurs. The title in Winamp and the popup toaster plugin I use work just fine. So I only realize this issue, when I see my desktop for a rainmeter plugin which reads off the taskbar's titlebar text.

Since I haven't seen this change take place, I'm unable figure out where to start looking for this problem.

I have tried changing the settings in the preferences>titles part as well as the localization settings, which is at its default en-us setting. I have noticed this issue for quite some time and I know its not the recent skins or classic pro plugin I use.

Also if anyone can read that title and tell me what it says, it might help - No idea of what to do here.... I am tired of just playing around with the settings and preferences and plugins to find a solution - There are just too many options and combinations to go through.

Thanks in advance
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