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if a source is mono, you want to hear it in mono. if a source is stereo, you want to hear it in stereo.

now, if you only have one ear, that does not stop you from hearing both sounds/speakers, in that one ear.

do you hear stereo? no, but you hear both speakers. your one ear "down-mixes" the stereo to mono.

but it should be said that downmixing to mono, whether done by your ear, or by winamp, is not the same as hearing something in "as it should sound" in mono.

what i mean is that if you have a beatle record, one in mono, one in stereo, and you take the stereo one and downmix it to a mono output (by say sending both left and right to one speaker simultaneously) that is NOT the same output as the true mono source record.

so my point is that while winamp can output mono for you on one or more speakers regardless of source encoding, it does not mean that you are hearing something as it would have sounded if it were recorded in mono to begin with.

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