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if you think you get a lot of complaints now, its nothing compared to how many you will get if you disable Folder.jpg (or other modes) by default. most users won't realize that's where the art came from, esp since those particular files are typically hidden. suddenly, art will be gone for users, I think that's a bad move. jmho.

I'm not sure why cover.jpg should be ahead of Folder.jpg either, but honestly after the first couple I'm not sure one is any more "specific" than another. I'm not really bothered one way or the other how you order the default list, but ordering albums by folder is very common and is how winamp and WMP and EAC and most rippers do it. I understand you have to take those into account who throw files into one dir, but you can't turn off the defaults to accommodate them without breaking the exp for the first group, who are more orderly and just doing what the rippers say by design.

the one thing I would argue for, is giving users the ability to decide for themselves IF they want to enable a catchall mode. I understand you don't like it and it makes you cringe, but if its off by default, it really won't harm anything, and yet it could be very useful to someone who has a scheme different from your list. I would use it myself to simply catch art that for one reason or another isn't conforming with the list. I have np forcing it to be last however. perhaps consider it as an ini only option?

(something else neat you could do is enable a catchall mode but eliminating results from all the other modes, so that only the "oddballs" displayed, so a user could find em easy and manually rename them to conform)

and the same logic is behind at least some kind of indicator, so users can spot bad extensions.

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