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yet having incorrect art is better? and i never said it would be disabled by default, just out of what is currently enabled, it is the most likely of the lookup options which could be considered to be changed from on to off.

however it is done there are compromises as it otherwise potentially turns into a mess of options and that's just exacerbating the issue further as a lot of people don't want to have to mess around with settings. they just want to install something, it be correct and not give a toss that you can adjust a certain lookup order.

and currently the folder.* doesn't mean it will be correct, so if anything, dropping it to the bottom of the list is most likely what i'd prefer to do. so it's still an option but it's a final resort (making it easier to determine it's the issue at fault). and yes, most of them are not very specific, but as artwork handling is not consistently done (hence all of the modes listed on the screenshot), is it no wonder that it's a mess and that whatever is done will piss off someone because it doesn't automatically know what they want.

as for the catchall, it's grasping at straws if nothing else worked. if there was something more specific to check against then i probably would consider adding it. but effectively doing a full search on all image files is not a solution and compounds the issue. sometimes it's better to provide nothing and get complaints and educate people than try to keep every single scenario covered. that is why it makes me cringe and is really not something i'd want to implement.
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