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looks great. will unchecking say half of those boxes make scans faster?

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
attached image is what we've decided on (it has image.* in the field only because that's what i've been using for testing, otherwise it's empty by default).
I hope you don't mind some nit-picky feedback, but I would have Folder.* come before cover.* in the ranking, if only b/c winamp is a windows app and Folder.* is what windows/wmp uses.

also, I would reword the text of the custom option to say:

"use a custom filename or wildcard search if there are no other matches. the artwork file needs to be in the containing folder as the file to which it belongs, or if in a relative path to song file, that path also can be specified below."

I suggest this b/c I'm not sure I understand the intent to text that is there, so maybe I have just completely misunderstood? but the way it is now I think will confuse folks.

also, what if someone simply entered *.* ? would any file be attempted to be used, or just any file with an image ext winamp recognizes?

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Looks good to me and is the best that can be done to deal with the problem of Windows overwriting external image files named "folder". Now people can disable the use of "folder" and use any other name or names, then if Windows adds an image named "folder" it will not disrupt anything.
this is an excellent point, except that windows itself uses Folder, so while one could protect oneself from windows malpractice, one would lose the windows icon.

you could modify your approach, and use a system of two files, where one is the primary art, and Folder is the copy/backup. I currently do the opposite, folder is my primary, and I have a copy of it (with whatever name) as the backup; but with this new winamp ability, I could convert my method and be more robust.

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