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*.* will work and it'll then just use the first image which can be loaded. the specifics of what is allowed is based on how the OS determines things since we're just passing it as <folder_of_file>\<search>. i've left it open since i don't know what people may try and if junk is entered, it's just not going to provide a match and so nothing would be enabled.

the front.* and cover.* options will not be swapped from what is in place and with the custom option, you can now get the change in order that you want by unchecking one and entering it in the custom search.

as for changing the wording of the message (which is the tweaked version Egg came up with), i'm not keen on what has been proposed as they're verbose versions of what has been put on there (as it makes it a 3 line block of text which is too much for the purpose of that). and what is there is just following the same as is implied by all of the options above it (since it's purely allowing for front.* to be replaced with <search> in the internal code).
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