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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
the front.* and cover.* options will not be swapped from what is in place and with the custom option, you can now get the change in order that you want by unchecking one and entering it in the custom search.
yes, one can now just uncheck whatever, and that's great! however, I was just saying that for default purposes, swapping them makes sense to me but its nothing I feel strongly about, just mentioning it.

I am intrigued by what you are saying above though, so some questions:

will unchecking say half of those boxes make scans faster?

how do u change the order by unchecking one and using the custom search? can u give an example of what you mean?

another related question is, say I had these settings:

checked = embedded
checked = Folder.*
checked = custom with *.*

(the rest unchecked)

lets say winamp on a file record found an embedded or a folder.* image. would that "find" end the image search for the file record? or would winamp continue to look for other image categories that are checked, (like *.*), even after it found a higher ranked one it will prefer?

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
as for changing the wording of the message (which is the tweaked version Egg came up with), i'm not keen on what has been proposed as they're verbose versions of what has been put on there (as it makes it a 3 line block of text which is too much for the purpose of that).
I don't feel super strong about it, but if Aminifu and I agree, I hope Egg would consider that.

its def the kind of option that would be well served by a single wiki link in the pref dialog.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
and what is there is just following the same as is implied by all of the options above it (since it's purely allowing for front.* to be replaced with <search> in the internal code).
I'm not sure I follow this but I'm probably just over-thinking it.

just to be clear, I really like the work on this aspect of the program. the audiophiles at squeeze, (heavy music users) do in some cases have crazy artwork naming schemes, and relative paths, and so this will now allow them to use winamp, whereas before they would have automatically ruled it out.

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