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online services fail - just look at the failure of the wiki today and how it was down for the first few weeks after the sale. if anything, the sale has shown that relying on online aspects for things is not always the best way and as we already provide some sort of in-Winamp help, maybe trying to bolster that is better than going down the online route.

and my thoughts on a system rely on USER provided details (BUT not blindly allowed as your proposal still would do) in addition to what myself and Egg would be producing since it would allow for user contributions, but not via a wiki setup but as patches to a maintained singular file (so taking the wiki approach as such but doing what would work best with how things have to be integrated). as i much prefer not having to wait for help pages to load and is why an offline version is more appealing (and yes lots of us have fast internet speeds, but a lot don't or don't want to waste it on looking up help, hence another reason why an offline / local version is more appealing).

and my idea on things also meant that the version of information provided to the user would be correct for the version of Winamp being used (as the possible system would allow for versioning of the help information to specific clients), as a wiki / online would most likely either be for the current release (or lag behind) and would then be providing out of date / incorrect information. as we have clearly seen, people don't update unless they have to and why would they want to see incorrect information for v6.1 when they're on v6.03.

anyway, what may or may not happen, any option requires in-Winamp changes to facilitate things. and like i've said already it's just ideas we were floating around internally and will most likely not come to anything, but a wiki option is pretty much not going to be officially sanctioned, i can be fairly certain about that.
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