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have you read my first reply in this thread? as under the new ownership (since Winamp was sold in January instead of being completely killed off as was the alternative), we didn't know when the Gracenote access was going to be stopped (as we're not parle of any contractual agreements AOL and Gracenote had and has been reinforced, Gracenote didn't particularly care about Winamp now that the massive payments they took have ended!) so it would not be possible to provide any notice of it (especially as it wasn't clear if it was going to happen in 2014 or 2015).

so i can only apologise for the issues this is causing though i know that's not enough for a lot of people, but it's sadly how things have had to play out. and i realise with the time scale we're working on to have a new Winamp client sans AOL / Gracenote aspects will not come soon enough for many (as we're targeting the end of the year for a new release) and is why on a gloriously sunny Saturday i'm stuck inside and working on the Gracenote replacement parts.
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